Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis. A sophisticated software suite produced to accompany a comprehensive introductory level book on the subject of data-mining (see Books section).
A wide range of data-mining and machine learning techniques are available with WEKA including an implementation of the last public version of the influential C4.5 decision tree learner.
This can be used via the graphical interface which allows access to many features which include visualisation, and analysis of the many data-mining algorithms available. The decision trees are constructed automatically once parameters have been specified and are displayed in ASCII text. There exists several sample datasets as well as the possiblity of using custom data. The functionality of the suite is fully documentated along with the available source code and is intended (although not essentially) to be used with the text book. WEKA is a useful package that allows comparison of different machine learning techniques. It is also open source and is written in Java.

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